WATCH: Ty Segall’s “Manipulator” Music Video Calls On You To Make Changes

For the official music video for the title track of his latest release, prolific psych-rocker Ty Segall brings you deep into his world. Through a short series of scenes soundtracked by the fluid guitar riffs of “Manipulator,” the interactive music video instructs you to click on every surface of your computer screen in order to change the colors, subjects, screens, art, and objects within the frame. Yes, in short, the “Manipulator” music video dares you to manipulate it.

Directed by long-time Segall collaborator Matt Yoka and coded/designed by Simon Wiscombe, the video experience is just like Segall himself, incredibly colorful, bright, quirky, and full of vintage elements. If you don’t have time to get lost in Segall’s ever-changing bedroom (or surroundings that channel the animated intro of Monty Python’s Flying Circus), check out the “Director’s Playthrough” video on Youtube, but if you can spare the three minutes, take a chance and get lost in “Manipulator” now.


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