WATCH: Put On Your Dog Hoodie and Saddle Up for the “Broad City” Season Three Trailer

“Yas, yas, yas, yas, yas.”

If you didn’t happen to catch the fight between “The Anxious Assassin” and “The Jewnami” that went down a few weeks ago, you might’ve missed the news: Broad City is back. Season three of the escapades of your imaginary best friends Abbi and Ilana will premiere one week from today—on February 17—and in advance of that, we now have the first real trailer.

It’s a lot to take in all at once (One-stop pussy shops! Lead paint! Awkwardly timed Blake Griffin cameos!), but it looks like the best frans are truly back to doing what they do best, which, who knows what that is exactly. Check out the full trailer below.

Season three of Broad City airs February 17 on Comedy Central.

(via Entertainment Weekly)


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