WATCH: Will Arnett Comes Clean in “Flaked” TV Show Trailer

All episodes drop March 11 on Netflix.

When we first heard about Netflix’s new Will Arnett series Flaked, all we knew was that Arnett would be playing a Venice Beach guru. It was enough to inspire us to name Flaked one of our Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2016. Today, the streaming giant released the show’s first trailer, and while it looks like the whole guru thing may have been oversold, we’re more excited than ever.

Arnett’s character appears to be going through a divorce and trying to stay sober, relying on his friends and neighbors in the beachside community to help him through both. While there are certainly shades of BoJack Horseman here—we are talking about a resident of Los Angeles County trying to piece his life back together and become a better person/horse, after all—if the trailer is to be trusted, Flaked isn’t all that interested in Arnett’s other show’s brand of black comedy. What we get instead is Will Arnett in full-on earnest striver mode. Which is a surprisingly appealing mode. See for yourself below.

The entire first season of Flaked will be released March 11 on Netflix.

(via Flavorwire)


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