WATCH: Sacha Baron Cohen Subjects the “Kimmel” Audience to an Unairable Clip from “The Brothers Grimsby”

There’s lots of disturbed elephant sounds.

If you were somewhat concerned that maybe Sacha Baron Cohen was toning down his schtick after he appeared in Les Misérables, have no fear: The Brothers Grimsby is here. Well, almost here. Baron Cohen’s fourth feature film will arrive in the states next month, and as of right now, it’s still unrated. As for why, it appears that the filmmakers are currently wrangling with the MPAA to get it down to an R—and if you have any question of what they’re working with, check out this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

No, it’s not an actual clip—but rather a clip of people watching a clip, which is apparently so raunchy that Kimmel had to insist that his audience understand that it was OK to walk out if they felt the need. Yes, it appears that the man who made a penis talk in Brüno has topped himself.

You can check out that clip, and a Red Band trailer for the actual movie, below. Remember, Paul, that second video is Not Suitable For Work.

The Brothers Grimsby is out March 11.

(via The Wrap)


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