WATCH: Get Closer to Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult in First “Equals” Trailer

The futuristic film is out this summer.

Love is in the air, but consistently trying to be eradicated within the first trailer for Equals, which premiered this morning. The science fiction drama stars Nicholas Hoult (X-Men series, A Single Man) and Kristen Stewart (Twilight series, Still Alice) as members of a futuristic society who have contracted “Switched On Syndrome”—a clinical way to say that they’ve fallen in love with each other. That’s not a great thing when you live in a world that has deliberately obliterated emotions in favor of absolute order.

While we don’t get much in terms of storyline (or a release date) from this initial trailer, it’s safe to assume that chaos will ensue when people start to think for themselves.

(via Nylon)


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