WATCH: Abbi and Ilana of “Broad City” Trip Out on Bagels with Stephen Colbert

Season three premieres tonight on Comedy Central.

Stephen Colbert is a pretty wholesome dude, so it shouldn’t be any surprise to hear that he’s not totally up to date on “what’s hot on the scene.” That’s why he asked Abbi and Ilana from Broad City, who should never be trusted for anything, to tell him about what’s hip in New York right now. Their answer: Rainbow Bagels from Williamsburg’s The Bagel Store, which are “blowing up” on “soc meeds” due to their colorful, Play-Doh-like look. Oh, and they’re also apparently hallucinogenic.

Sounds fun, but it appears to be incredibly dangerous, and after ingesting the bagel, Stephen was tasked with killing the Bagel King. Just a typical Tuesday night at the office for the all-powerful Late Show host.

If they don’t get taken in by the Bagel Dimension, the upcoming third season of Broad City returns tonight. You can watch the new trailer here, and watch them take Stephen to their Happy/Sad Bagel Place below.

Season three of Broad City airs February 17 on Comedy Central.

(via The A.V. Club)


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