Jackie Treehorn’s House from “The Big Lebowski” Has Been Donated to LACMA

The Los Angeles residence will be used to teach architects and scholars about design.

A new piece has been added to the arsenal of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, but you won’t be able to check it out as you walk through the institution’s halls full of Picassos and Mapplethorpes. The Sheats-Goldstein residence, which you probably recognize as pornographer Jackie Treehorn’s arty home from The Big Lebowski, has just been donated to LACMA by its current owner for $40 million.

Designed by John Lautner—architect of the Chemosphere, Rainbow House, and Elrod House among others—the Beverly Crest home includes a main residence, swimming pool, tennis court, office/nightclub, and James Turrell “skyspace” instillation (Above Horizon) conveniently located in the backyard. While James F. Goldstein, the home’s eccentric owner since 1972 who paid $185,000 for the property, will continue to live in the space, LACMA’s long-term plans for the house include using the space as a fundraiser location as well as a special exhibition home and example of modern architecture for design students.

There’s no word yet on when visitors will be able to tour the iconic Sheats-Goldstein home, but when tours begin, make sure not to drink any white russians while you’re there.

(via Los Angeles Times)


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