PREMIERE: K Records Signee Aries Trips the Light Fantastic in “Eclipse Total” Video

Isabel Fernández Reviriego's K debut drops April 1.

Spanish multi-instrumentalist Isabel Fernández Reviriego, who records under the name Aries, is preparing to release her North American debut Adieu or Die via indie-rock stalwart K Records. While that label is best known for groups like Beat Happening and Halo Benders—folk-based rock music tweaked sparse gray by the Pacific Northwest cloud cover—Reviriego’s sound is sunny, bright, busy like a pedestrian mall. Think Panda Bear without the self-doubt, or Alagranza-era El Guincho if he’d listened to En Vogue.

Adieu or Die isn’t out until April 1, but we’re very pleased to be premiering the video for “Eclipse total” today. The video, which you can see below, rolls through the same digi-psych canyon as the song itself, which is built around pulsing circular patterns of sound. Reviriego’s voice is planted at the center, where it blooms and fans outs, momentarily overwhelming the factory rhythms with melodic sunshine. You can check out the video—as well a handful of upcoming dates and Adieu or Die’s info—below.


Adieu or Die track list

“Lagrimas I”Aries-2016-Adieu_or_Die
“Eclipse total”
“La fuerza del sonido”
“Nieve de noche”
“En el océano”
“Nuestra casa”
“Lágrimas II”
“Adieu or Die”

Adieu North American tour dates

17 — SXSW, Epicentro Official Showcase @ The Townsend (9pm), Austin, TX
19 — SXSW, Icenhauer’s (11pm), Austin, TX
21 — Soda Bar, San Diego, CA
24 — The Vera Project, Seattle, WA
25 — The Way Post, Portland, OR
26 — Dub Narcotic Studio, Olympia, WA

Adieu or Die is out April 1 on K.


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