WATCH: Suuns Play Sexy, Terrifying Game of Laser Tag in “Paralyzer” Video

It ain't exactly that teenaged feeling.

Montreal’s Suuns announced their new album Hold/Still back in January with the video for “Translate,” the album’s lead single. “Paralyzer,” the next cut, abandons “Translate”‘s Battles-ready beat and ticklish guitar line in favor of humid atmosphere that never quite burns off.

It’s a feeling that’s matched in the track’s video, in which the camera wanders through labyrinthine hallways and, between flashes of darkness, captures a couple engaging in a pretty intense makeout session. Whether this is just a sweet piece of PDA or a haunting that implies something more sinister probably depends on how you feel about the band’s creeping beat, and whether you think those foggy synths are a cloaking device or simply a little romantic steam. Judge for yourself below.

Hold/Still is out April 15 on Secretly Canadian.


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