LISTEN: Kyle Craft Warns of a Fiery “Pentecost”

Dolls of Highland is out April 29—just in time for the actual Pentecost—on Sub Pop.

Kyle Craft’s voice has a bit of Gordon Gano quality to it—particularly in comparison to the Femmes’ second album Hallowed Ground, which by no coincidence has the feeling of being sung by some kind of apocalyptic preacher. That’s what I heard when I first listened to Craft’s debut single “Lady of the Ark,” anyway, and what I was reminded of again in hearing his second single, “Pentecost,” from the forthcoming Dolls of Highland.

Craft is just the most recent in a new line of recently signed Sub Pop artists—but for this, his mostly self-recorded full-length debut, the Portland transplant enlisted some mixing and refining help from Sub Pop staples The Helio Sequence. The result is a curious combination of sensibilities, but certainly a very promising one at that.

You can listen to “Pentecost” below.

Dolls of Highland is out April 29 via Sub Pop.


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