WATCH: Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood Are Corrupt Vegas Cops in “The Trust” Trailer

No sign of Sky Ferreira, though.

Like any good criminal, Nicolas Cage is returning to the scene. That’d be Las Vegas, from which he departed in 1995 with an Oscar for Best Actor. And this time, he’s got Elijah Wood with him.

In The Trust, the duo play corrupt Vegas police officers who in the course of an investigation discover a safe worth risking their careers to crack. In the trailer, which you can see below, Cage places an order for a diamond-tipped drill with a German manufacturer (“He has to be a bank robber or something”) and Wood successfully bribes someone $100 not to tell anyone about his suspicious activities.

What you won’t see is indie-pop singer Sky Ferreira, who appears in the film alongside Cage and Wood. Still, the jokes here are genuinely funny, and directors Alex and Benjamin Brewer seem capable of offering genuine intensity. So while we’re left wondering how exactly Ferreira figures into this thriller, we don’t have to wonder whether Nic Cage can crack dad jokes under pressure. (He can.)

The Trust premieres at SXSW next week, and it will be available on DirecTV beginning April 14. It will also get a theatrical release on May 13.

(via /Film)


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