Feels, “Feels”


On their debut self-titled album, Los Angeles quartet Feels is sloppy, druggy, and over-the-top—but that’s what makes them undoubtedly genuine. At a time when hoards of musicians are striving to make tracks that sound like they were recorded in a dumpster, Feels makes sure you know that, for them, their sound is a lifestyle choice, not a passing fad. This authenticity comes with impact: their record is so bursting with energy that it almost can’t be contained within the music; it seeps out into the world and infects you and your surroundings with electricity. At the same time, if you look past the noise, the album also proves itself to be full of delightful melodies and a surprisingly high level of craftsmanship. For Feels, noisiness isn’t a cop-out. Instead, it’s a part of their sound that plays into a larger, more complex portrait of who they are.


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