Noah Baumbach’s New Movie Starring Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler Is Already Filming

Production flyers broke the word.

Traditionally, a feature film starring Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler would be announced with some sort of press release or Variety exclusive, but not for a Noah Baumbach project. The Squid and the Whale and Frances Ha auteur’s new film—Yen Din Ka Kissa—was essentially announced with a filming notice that appeared on the streets of NYC. On said flyer, the plot is described as “the story of an estranged New York family coming together in preparation of artist and patriarch Harold’s career retrospective.” Further research by The Film Stage has turned up some casting news as well, with a reported list of costars including Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson.

This project will be Baumbach’s third in just over a year’s time following While We’re Young and Mistress America—the former of which having also starred Ben Stiller. For Sandler, this would be his first collaboration with Baumbach, but it falls in line with his recent decision to work with Tom McCarthy on The Cobbler (though it would probably be better if it recalled a project like Punch Drunk Love instead).

So far, there’s no release date info, but we’ll keep our eyes on random flyers around the city to see if that randomly appears.

(via Collider)


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