PREMIERE: Time is a Flat Circle in Tennis System’s “Here We Go” Video

Round and round and round we spin.

Last month, LA noise-pop trio Tennis System made the trek to up PCH to open for DIIV at San Francisco’s Noise Pop festival, and from the sound of their latest single, “Here We Go,” that pairing makes a whole lot of uncomfortable sense. Just as DIIV’s Is The Is Are found that group doing their damnedest to grow flowers in a field of reverb, “Here We Go”’s clean, bent guitars are the only anchor in an otherwise hazy ocean of song—and even they sound a little seasick.

It’s appropriate, then, that the video finds the group at the center of a black room with a camera rotating around them. ‘Here We Go’ is about my ongoing bad luck,” singer Matty Taylor says. “I really wanted to emphasize the idea of ‘here we go again’ with the headache and bad luck. So our producer, Bradley Scott, mentioned a rotating stage at Thunder Studios. We checked out the space and built the concept of a revolving stage along with a live performance.” 

Take your Dramamine and check out the video for “Here We Go” below.

“Here We Go” is out now via PaperCup Music, who will also release the band’s next record this year.


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