WATCH: Danny McBride Gets Hit in the Face with Meat in the First Trailer for “Vice Principals”

The new series from the makers of Eastbound & Down will debut in July on HBO.

Kenny Powers unfortunately hung up the wifebeater when Eastbound & Down wrapped up at the end of 2013, but soon it appears that there’ll be a new heir the manboy crown in Neal Gamby of Vice Principals. The upcoming HBO series, which has already been picked up for eighteen episodes, reunites Danny McBride with his Eastbound compadre Jody Hill, whom you may also know as the sick bastard responsible for one of the decade’s most criminally underrated comedies in Observe and Report.

As you might have guessed from the title, the show is about vice principals—two of them, in fact—played by McBride and Walton Goggins (fresh off a revelatory performance in The Hateful Eight). When an opportunity arises for one of them to be promoted to principal, it becomes a competition to sabotage each other.

Ahead of its upcoming premiere at SXSW, the first trailer has been released, and with it the promise of lots of dorky outfits and suspicious school lunches.

Vice Principals will air on HBO in July.

(via Indiewire)


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