WATCH: “Between Two Ferns” Is Back with Brad Pitt (and Louis C.K.)

Who did you play in Benjamin Buttons?

After having President Obama on his show, a normal person would think that Zach Galifianakis would shut Between Two Ferns down because where could you go from there? But Galifianakis is a professional, and knows the show must go on. Just check out his taped-on mic to know that you’re watching one of the best hosts in talk show history make magic.

This time around, Galifianakis is joined by Brad Pitt Bart Pit, who’s currently promoting his latest war flick Fury. The exchange is fantastic, and the Louis C.K. cameo comes complete with a fantastic bomb of a joke. As with every good episode of Between Two Ferns, 90% of the fun comes from the guest’s reaction to Galifianakis’s queries. Here we’ve compiled some of dear ole Brad’s faces when asked the really tough questions.


Showers. Why don’t you take them?


I got you a gift…It’s a bassoon.


This is off topic just a bit, but do you mind if I borrow one or two of your sperms?


When you and Clooney get dressed up in your tuxes together, do you ever kind of look at each other and say, “Well aren’t we just a couple of Dapper Dans!”?


Tell me what it was like when you first laid eyes on Angelina. Was it like one of those classic love stories? Like when Ross saw Rachel?


(This last one deserves two views of Pitt.)


Watch the whole interview, and get Pitt’s reactions to our favorite questions, below:


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