David Gilmour Is Returning to Pompeii

The seventy-year-old guitar god will play a solo show (for an audience) in the Roman town for the first time since Pink Floyd’s classic concert film.

Any Pink Floyd–related news that isn’t “Pink Floyd Announces Reunion Shows” is going to be somewhat disappointing, but this is pretty cool. David Gilmour, who is about to start heading around the globe on a limited series of tour dates, has just announced one more: in the ancient city of Pompeii—his first time playing in the location since Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii film from forty-four years ago.

That original film, which made our list of the greatest moments in Stratocaster history, needs no introduction, though it’s worth pointing out that it was recorded without an audience at the Amphitheater of Pompeii. This upcoming concert will have an audience, and will be taking place at the similar venue of the Roman Amphitheatre for 2,000 lucky individuals. So, not quite Pink Floyd, and not quite the same experience, but you gotta give and take with this kind of stuff.

Ticket details have not yet been announced, but the dates have been locked as July 7 and 8. Here’s hoping that volcano lays low through the summer.

(via The Guardian)


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