WATCH: Joanna Newsom Performs “A Pin-Light Bent” on “Seth Meyers”; Did Not Like “The Hobbit”

“Throwing keys over horses… I didn’t follow it really.”

Joanna Newsom is currently touring in support of the stunning Divers—one of our favorite albums of last year—and, with a few weeks off before kicking into the final leg, she made the time yesterday to stop by Late Night with Seth Meyers to perform a track and sit down for an interview.

Both segments are choice, with the interview itself standing out for its inclusion of Newsom’s lukewarm feelings on The Hobbit, which do not quite rival her hatred of bananas, but as always we appreciate her honesty.

As for the music itself, it was just the harpist and her harp—like her recent performance on Jools Hollandperforming the penultimate Divers track “A Pin-Lent Bent.” You can watch both segments below.

Divers is out now via Drag City.

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