PREMIERE: Howard Encourage You to “Please Recycle” on EP of Reconstituted Sounds

The stems of last year's Religion LP are broken down brought back to life.

After his semi-eponymous band Howard released their debut LP Religion last year, Howard Feibusch found himself more intrigued by its parts than by their sum. “I found myself listening to the stems from the album more than the actual song,” he says in a statement. “While they were part of something familiar, I began to hear them in a different way.”

What he heard was a chance to try something new. Feibusch separated Religion’s individual tracks and began to piece them back together, shifting pitches, stretching tempos, and generally using his own finished product as raw material.

What emerged was the cheekily titled Please Recycle EP, which we’re pleased to be premiering this morning. While opening track “Plastic” contains a few clear glimpses backward into Religion, as the EP progresses, the samples become less and less recognizable, resulting in the blurry slur of “Waste.” Decomposition, Please Recycle shows, is also a process of re-composition.

You can give the EP a listen below, and pick it up via Fashion People on March 25.

Please Recycle track list


Please Recycle is out 3/25 on Fashion People.





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