PREMIERE: Mothers Deliver a Trio of Live Songs for Public Radio Sessions Video Series

The Athens quartet disturb the neighbors during last week's Savannah Stopover.

Athens, Georgia, quartet Mothers released their debut LP When You Walk a Long Distance You are Tired late last month. The spare and airy recording gives singer/songwriter Kristine Leschper’s high-lonesome wail plenty of space to fill, and she dutifully explores its corners, reporting back on what lives in those dark reaches.

Last week, the band made the run to the coast for Savannah Stopover, where their live show found the band pushing through the record’s despair by virtue of brute instrumental force. Before they took the stage in Savannah, though, they hunkered down in the courtyard behind local vintage store House of Strut to record a three-song set of When You Walk‘s “It Hurts Until it Doesn’t,” b-side “No Crying in Baseball,” and “Fat Chance” for Atlanta-based video series Public Radio Sessions.

Shot live in a single take with a single camera, the session went down at sunset, with that warm Georgia glow lending Leschper’s songs a bit more nostalgia—which she and drummer Matthew Anderegg, guitarist Drew Kirby, and bassist Patrick Morales puncture and pummel back into the present.

Watch all three songs below.

“It Hurts Until it Doesn’t”

“Fat Chance” / “No Crying in Baseball”


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