WATCH: Ty Segall Mugs Through the “Californian Hills” on “Conan”

“You’re looking well, Ty.”

Back in 2012, Conan O’Brien was the host for Ty Segall’s first-ever late night performance, when the latter ripped through “Thank God for Sinners” from his essential Twins. Nearly four years later, Segall looks a wee bit different on the show, but sounds just as good (if not a little more deranged, which is really saying something).

With his Muggers in tow (including King Tuff and Mikal Cronin), Segall performed “Californian Hills” from his most recent release—the rip-roaring Emotional Mugger. Actually, though: Is that his Muggers? They look a bit…hairy. Maybe that rough day in LA wore off on them.

You can watch the performance yourself below. If you need to talk to someone after, there’s a hotline for that.

Emotional Mugger is out now via Drag City.


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