PREMIERE: The Best Way to Respect the Funk is to Dance to Ronnie Heart’s “You(r) Mine” EP

The former Neon Indian guitarist's solo debut EP is now streaming in full.

In some parts of North America, spring has sprung—if, indeed, it ever went away. In some parts, March 20 came and went with its cute “First Day of Spring” name tag fluttering in the icy wind behind it. So you’ve either got something to celebrate, or you need to dance to make your way through the next few frigid weeks, and Ronnie Heart’s got you covered either way.

The ex-Neon Indian guitarist is dropping his debut EP, You(r) Mine, on Friday via New Media Recordings, and we’re thrilled to be premiering the entire thing this morning. As you might expect with that pedigree, Heart’s sound is thick with grooves and sepia-bright with nostalgic flashes of ’80s synth-funk. Highlight “Real Bad (Spider Monkeys)” finds him aping the twanged-out vocals of Cameo before the song shifts into a BBC-ready spoken word intro, while early single “Smoovie” struts like a street-ready Rick James.

Shake off the late-winter ya-yas and get down below.


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