Jon Daly and Adam Scott to Play John Daly and Adam Scott in “The Adult Swim Golf Classic”

Two comedians plagued with having the same name as a famous golfer are facing the issue head-on.

Jon Daly and Adam Scott are not golfers. John Daly and Adam Scott are golfers. This is kind of an issue, mostly for the sake of the two non-golfers, who have to deal with the fact that Googling their name will always show dudes in visors instead of them. But if there was ever a career that provided the opportunity to confront this issue, it’s comedy, and that’s exactly why the two comedians Jon Daly and Adam Scott are playing their more athletic counterparts (relatively speaking) in the upcoming Adult Swim Golf Classic.

Technically, this is a charity tournament that will coincide with The Masters, though the ridiculousness appears to have been already filmed, if you were hoping to make it and cheer them on. As if this whole thing could not be any more insane, the improv-heavy “competition” isn’t even taking place in the present day—but in fact in the year 1966 for some reason (for those who don’t follow the intricacies of golf, Daly’s heyday was in the ’90s, and Scott is a contemporary player). And if you’re wondering, no, they’re not good golfers: Daly said that he is “really terrible,” and that Scott had “never really played” before. Safe to say, this will not be a brief nine holes.

You can watch Jo(h)n Daly and Adam Scott go head-to-head on April 8 on Adult Swim. And if you need a refresher course on just how ridiculous a person John Daly is, look no further than below.

The Adult Swim Golf Classic premieres April 8 on Adult Swim.

(via Rolling Stone)


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