PREMIERE: Sextile Go Jackson Pollock in “Can’t Take It” Video

From the LA punk band's 2015 LP A Thousand Hands.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds bassist Barry Adamson recently raved to MOJO about LA post-punks Sextile, saying that their single “Can’t Take It” “feels like great rock music of the past, but then at the same time it lurches magnificently into the future.” A quick peek at director Jonathan Correia’s video, which we’re pleased to be premiering today, ratifies Adamson’s claim and makes the Bad Seed’s fandom seem like a fait accompli—while Eddie Weubben dots out a stippled pattern from his synths, guitarist Brady Keehn uses his instrument to call down the kind of salt-the-ground anger that Adamson’s main piece has always made their bread and butter.

Still, what Sextile does is an echo of a feeling, not an imitation of a sound. Keehn’s a hoarse singer, and he spits out the titular phrase in the chorus like it’s being beaten out of him. So when the band blast one another with neon paint between moody black-and-white silhouette shots in the video, it’s hard to say whether they’re having fun or their anger has found another outlet. Either way, the song and video’s rubbed-raw emotion makes for a powerful appointment. You can check it out below.


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