PREMIERE: Will Stewart Breaks Out the Rock and/or Roll, Oh, About “A Week Ago”

The Faultline EP is out April 15.

Will Stewart’s Twitter bio advertises “Rock and/or Roll,” and though his music may not be as organ-heavy as something by, say, I. Ron Butterfly, it seems safe to say that Reverend Lovejoy would indeed place it in the same category. The guitars are sultry but slick, and the mood is heavy but laid-back. Oh yeah, this is rock and roll alright.

Following the breakup of his band Willie and the Giant last year, Stewart moved back to Birmingham from Nashville, and is now about to release his first set of music since going solo—the three-song Faultline EP. He already shared one track, “Keyhole,” via PopMatters, and before the whole thing is available on April 15, we have another one to premiere—the blues-rock number “A Week Ago.”

Stewart had this to say of the song:

With [“A Week Ago”], I’d been listening to a lot of 13th Floor Elevators and Captain Beefheart, and I’d just purchased a Rhythm Ace, this old ’70s drum machine, to help me with writing. It only has four or five settings, so it’s really primitive as far as the beats it can make. I think JJ Cale used it on a bunch of stuff—just a four-on-the-floor beat.

You can listen to the new track below.

The Faultline EP is out April 15.


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