WATCH: Ease into Your Monday with Coachella Weekend One Video Highlights

Run the Jewels, Sufjan Stevens, Mavis Staples, and more lit up the desert this weekend.

So you weren’t among the masses who filed their taxes early and headed out to the Indio Polo Grounds this weekend? (Not that you had to file early to make it out there.) Not to worry: you’ve got another shot at seeing Axl Rose on his heavenly throne at Coachella next weekend. But in case you need a little something to whet your appetite, we thought we’d pull together some of the best performances from the mega-fest’s first weekend. Put on your flower crown and check them out below.

Mavis Staples — “Freedom Highway”

Mavis Staples has been so good at what she does for so long that you can put her and her band down pretty much anywhere in the world and they’ll improve the scene. Coachella’s a no brainer; Mavis could probably have ISIS marching down “Freedom Highway” before Amy Schumer and Chris Rock could even get boots on the ground.

Sufjan Stevens — “Vesuvius”

What, you thought Sufjan was going to bring the party down? Having now spent a year and change on the road behind his best (and most personal) album, Soof reincarnated the live show from his most divisive set, 2010’s Age of Adz, complete with synchronized dancing and Macho Man Randy Savage’s day-glo fringe.

Savages — “Adore”

There’s something deeply appropriate about Savages bringing Adore Life to the desert. Like the evirons, those scorched-earth love songs already seem bone dry but burn with a different order of vitality.

LCD Soundsystem — “New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down” / “November Rain”

The worst-kept secret in indie rock finally makes itself manifest. While it’s appropriate that LCD Soundsystem’s first reunion show was in the city that made them famous, this is the singalong we all knew was coming. Uh, minus the GN’R cover.

Run the Jewels — “Nobody Speak”

The only Coachella act to be introduced by a presidential candidate came hard for their Saturday afternoon set. In addition to the usual hype-makers, Jamie and Mikey brought their piping-fresh DJ Shadow collaboration “Nobody Speak.”

Deerhunter — “Rainwater Cassette Exchange”

We’ve finally, officially entered the period in which the only reason a Deerhunter set is noteworthy is because it features one of the defining indie-rock bands of the past ten years burning through their extensive catalog—including this post–Microcastle jam.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra — “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”

At this point it’s almost a given that UMO will be at your outdoor festival, and they’ll be doing “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone,” and you’ll have to go dig up your copy of Multi-Love when you get home. Just keep it out! 

Shamir — “On the Regular”

You don’t have to end your night with “Paradise City.” You don’t even have to listen to “Paradise City.” You can live in a world where Shamir’s “On the Regular” is the soundtrack to every decent party, sporting event, and hot yoga session. (This is a better world.)

Kanye West and Tyler, the Creator in a foot race

Probably how this went down:

TYLER: Yeah, so I learned how to run because people kept chasing me or whatever for some reason. [Snatches very expensive canvas cap off of the head of KANYE, who is passing nearby]

KANYE [to the gathered]: Motherfuck, I am the fastest man on this planet as well as three others. Yeezy and Yeezys are the reason they haven’t found Nikes on Mars. I run so fast I chased Pluto out of the solar system. I am the Pheidippides of this festival.

[The race]



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