PREMIERE: Mary and The Small Omission Invite You Back to Bed with “Rabbit Mask” Video

The ambient-drone single is taken from the duo's The Effects are Cumulative, out June 10.

The music made by Mary and The Small Omission comes together in the air somewhere between Philadelphia, where Mary Brulatour spends her time, and Miami, the home of Steve Price (a.k.a., I suppose, The Small Omission). While long-distance collaboration via email is no longer the novelty it once was, you’d be hard pressed to find a project that matched that digital bridge’s aesthetic more readily.

“Rabbit Mask,” whose video we’re pleased to be premiering today, is a thin and brittle piece of longing drone-pop, the kind of message that sounds as though it’s been stretched thin by the atmosphere. In Brulatour and Price’s hands, a looping guitar line that could’ve been pulled from a lost 4AD classic becomes the song’s suture, a narrow connective stream through the song’s ambient-drone atmosphere that gives the tick-tack percussion a space to land, all while Brulatour’s voice is packed into a small space.

The song is matched up with video Brulatour, a Muay Thai fighter, shot while on a training mission in Thailand. The shaky black-and-white footage of fist-pumping trainees with happy grins is an odd match for the wispy sounds coming from the track itself, but their combined effect is of a self-aware obscurity saying goodbye as it slips from the universe.

“Rabbit Mask” is taken from Mary and The Small Omission’s The Effects are Cumulative, which is out June 10 on Iron Pier. You can take a look at the video below.


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