PREMIERE: Sims is Returning Later This Year, and He’s Sent “Triple Sixes” to Warn You

Consider this your harbinger of doom.

Sims is sick of bullshit. He tells you as much within the first ten seconds of “Triple Sixes,” a non-album track he’s releasing ahead of a new record due out later this year. Among the things that fall under that ugly banner: his broken brain, derivative rappers, poseurs, and those who haven’t been in the game as long as he and his Doomtree crew have been.

Sims started the Minneapolis-based hip-hop collective with a half-dozen like-minded friends a decade ago, building a profile on the backs of their DIY ethos and political outrage. Though he dropped the Field Notes EP in 2014 and worked on the Doomtree album All Hands last year, Sims himself hasn’t released a proper solo album since 2011’s Bad Time Zoo. That might be why he sounds so fiery on “Triple Sixes,” calling out wannabe icy rappers (“they just frosted-tip Fieris”) those hungrier than Al Pacino circa Merchant of Venice. We’re pleased to premiere this one today; give it a listen below.


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