WATCH: Arctic Monkeys Mesmerize In New Video For “Snap Out Of It”

The video stars Stephanie Sigman, who obsesses over real footage of the group with mascara-stained eyes.

Arctic Monkeys have released a strange video for their single, “Snap Out Of It,” off of last year’s triumphant release, AM. Named Album of the Year at the Brit Awards, it’s clear that Alex Turner and company aren’t strangers to success, but they might have a hard time wrapping their brain around this level of fandom commitment.

The video, directed by Focus Creeps and starring Stephanie Sigman, is four minutes of Sigman obsessing over real footage of the group with mascara-stained eyes, which she painfully rewinds and fast-forwards in her silk underwear. Lead singer Alex Turner’s slurry, baritone and accented vocals seem to put Sigman under a spell, which forces her to fervently dance and…apparently forces her to sear a New York steak with her bare hands. The track’s bouncing percussion and climbing vocals—classic of the Arctic Monkeys we’re used to—are catchy and hypnotic, rendering us powerless against Turner’s cooing voice and VHS persona.


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