PREMIERE: Fight Your Post-Debate Malaise with Navy Gangs’s “Mondays” Video

From the New York-via-Omaha group's self-titled EP.

If ever there were a Monday that justified a case of the Mondays, that Monday were this Monday, following that Sunday. Fortunately, erstwhile Omahans Navy Gangs have a treat for you in the form of the video for “Mondays,” which mercifully only shares its chronological title with our troubled times. The current New York residents take a bit of wary panache from their city, but “Mondays” is otherwise thoroughly Midwestern in its gait and benign sense of disconnection—singer Matthew Tillwick seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t get bummed about much, because there’s always more to see.

“Mondays” is taken from the band’s self-titled EP, which dropped last month. Check out the video below.


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