PREMIERE: Model/Actriz Get Physical in Video for Visceral “3/3”

The Boston threesome bring new meaning to the term "power trio."

Jack Wetmore, Ruben Radlauer, and Cole Haden perform as Model/Actriz, they’re from Boston, and that’s about as straightforward as it’s going to get here. The trio bonded over a love of noise, punk, and house music, the alchemical mixture of which turns much more volatile and terrifying than even those individual elements would lead to you to believe.

Like Girl Band, Model/Actriz shove amp howls and misplunked notes onto dance music’s impatient carriage and send it down the tracks. It ain’t clean—throughout “3/3,” whose video we’re a little scared to be premiering today, the song threatens to burst its own seams—and it’s not gonna get you out on the dancefloor, but you still may not wanna operate heavy machinery for the next hour or so.

The clip for “3/3” was shot on a tour stop in El Segundo, CA, where Model/Actriz certainly left far more than their wallets. Check it out below.


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