PREMIERE: Ultimate Painting Serenades with a Live Version of “Song for Brian Jones,” Rest His Soul, in Pickathon’s Slab Sessions

The special session was recorded for the Oregon festival’s latest shebang, with the band touring in support of their excellent new LP, Dusk.

Unlike much of the popular European rock taking up bandwidth these days, Ultimate Painting isn’t flashy, but instead subdued and elegant—like what you’d imagine the Queen would listen to if she was indie. Jack Cooper and James Hoare, the very English duo leading the group, might resent the end of that assessment (I’m not sure whether or not it’s cool to bring in the Queen like that?), but make no mistake about the fact that UP are working class: last year—on “(I’ve Got The) Sanctioned Blues,” from the woefully underappreciated Green Lanes—they were having trouble making train fare, and this year—on the Album of the Year contender Duskthey were struggling to find the necessary bills to cover their bills. Rock and roll just doesn’t pay like it used to. And that’s a shame, because if this group existed in the ’60s they’d be opening for The Velvet Underground. That band was super successful, right?

Thankfully for us, however, they exist in the present, and that means that we get to see their working class butts perform at low-key venues and festivals, like Pickathon—one of the best festivals out there, both in lineup curation and logistical presentation. At this past year’s edition, the festival snagged performers while they were on location in Happy Valley, Oregon, to film spots for their new video series, Slab Sessions, for the Pickathon 2016–2017 Season. Today, we’re stoked to be premiering Ultimate Painting’s inaugural episode of the new set of vids, featuring a live, slabbified performance of the Dusk cut “Song for Brian Jones.” Subdued and elegant as always. Check that out below.


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