Breaking: Sadie & Arlo & A Record a Day

Some parents dress their kids up like superheroes. Some dress their kids up like athletes. But Sadie and Arlo's parents dress them up like their favorite album covers.

BACKSTORY: Since the first day of January this year, a record-collecting mom and dad have taken a photo of their kids’ daily experiences listening to a different vinyl album—with the occasional cover-art re-creation and some help from Sadie & Arlo’s lovely nanny, Morgan
FROM: Echo Park, Los Angeles
YOU MIGHT KNOW THEM FROM: Riding their little red Radio Flyer wagon through the parks and sidewalks of the Eastside of Los Angeles (while their parents work at Light in the Attic Records, the reissue-specializing label founded and co-owned by Dad)
NOW: Sadie is four years old and loves vanilla ice cream, eating boogers, and the Ramones, and is just starting her first year of preschool; Arlo, at nineteen months, gets into anything and everything, headbangs to dub records, and just started a gymnastics class

sadie_arlo-sturgill_simpsonDay #216: Sturgill Simpson, A Sailor’s Guide to Earth

Dad: Sturgill Simpson or Green Eggs and Ham?
Sadie: Sturgill Simpson!
Arlo: Eggggggeeeeeezzzzzz.

sadie_arlo-george_harrisonDay #240: George Harrison, All Things Must Pass

Dad: Sadie, who’s your favorite Beatle?
Sadie: Paul and Ringo.

Day #237: Biz Markie, The Biz Never Sleeps

Sadie: I’m a doctor nurse scientist! I really like making the colored water but the gloves are making my hands sweaty.

sadie_arlo-dodger_stadiumDay #218: Casey at the Bat and Other All Time Favorites

Dad: Sadie and Arlo, we’re at Dodger Stadium!
Sadie: More french fries!
Arlo: Baaaaaallllllll!

Day #231: PJ Harvey, To Bring You My Love

Day #182: Rodriguez, Coming from Reality

sadie_arlo-de_la_soulDay #183: De La Soul, De La Soul Is Dead

Day #217: Cat Power, Moon Pix

sadie_arlo-captain_beefheartDay #223: Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, Trout Mask Replica

Sadie: Morgan, can you make me look like the cover? My face looks like a toy.

sadie_arlo-spiritualizedDay #192: Spiritualized, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

Sadie: Spiritualized means like art supplies. The record makes me feel like I’m flying in a rocket ship.

sadie-arlo-black_angelsDay #247: The Black Angels, Passover

Sadie: This is my uncle, Big Al [ed: Mom’s brother is Alex Maas of The Black Angels].
Dad: What does a black angel do?
Sadie: She flies and shoots bow and arrows that are black and they shoot black out of them.

sadie_arlo-beach_boysDay #189: The Beach Boys, Endless Summer

For more Sadie & Arlo, visit their Tumblr.

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