RECAP: Harts Performing Live at the FLOOD Gallery

Prince-approved and straight from Australia, the funk-rock maestro was in support of his upcoming LP, Smoke Fire Hope Desire.

You can’t throw a stone around Darren Hart (a.k.a. Harts) without it coming up: in 2014, when the Indian-born, Melbourne-based funkster was invited to play at Paisley Park, Prince said of his guest, “He reminds me of me at that age.” Eventually, that compliment will likely just be a footnote, but while the twenty-four year old continues to introduce himself to the world, it’ll do just fine by way of a solid first impression.

Working in advance of the upcoming Smoke Fire Hope Desire, Harts hit the FLOOD Gallery last night, bringing with him some Australian summer sunshine to counter a surprisingly cool winter night in LA. True to the Purple One’s way, the show was a danceable guitar extravaganza—solos and riffs galore—but there was no needless extravagance in the lineup; the whole show was put on solely by a trio—just bass, guitar, drums, and a little keys. Could’ve fooled us, though. Sounded like an army.

Thanks to Washington Square Music for the assist in putting the show on, and to Deep Eddy for providing the drinks.


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