LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Air + Style (2/18–19/2017)

YG, TV on the Radio, and a whole lot of snowboarders get high in LA.

You might think that having a snowboarding competition in the middle of Los Angeles doesn’t make much sense, and you’d pretty much be right. You might also think that the idea of a storm with nearly hurricane-force winds bearing down on Southern California doesn’t make much sense, either, and you’d be right about that, too. And yet, that’s precisely what happened this weekend. Sixteen-story snow ramp notwithstanding, the most remarkable thing about this year’s edition of Air + Style might be that it happened it all.

But happen it did, with sets from YG, TV on the Radio, Vince Staples, Vic Mensa, XYLØ, and more. Clif Bar’s mobile vinyl-cutting unit was out in full force, giving out lathe cut 7″s of YG’s “FDT,” Atmosphere’s “Seismic Waves,” and POWERS’s “Dance” made from recycled plates otherwise bound for the landfill. Oh yeah—and Norway’s Markus Kleveland went home with the trophy, putting together the overall highest score across Air + Style’s three cities: Beijing, Innsbruck, and LA.

Our photographer Adam Maresca was on site, where he braved the rain, snow, and hordes of weirdos dancing to Major Lazer to bring you these photos.



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