FLOODfest SXSW 2017 Takes Austin

Black Lips, Karen Elson, Middle Kids, and more helped us take over Cedar Street.

FLOODfest Austin returned to SXSW for the third straight year this past week, packing in the Cedar Street Courtyard with a two-day party featuring sets from Black Lips, Frenship, Tei ShiMondo CozmoMiddle Kids, Noga Erez, and many more. 

Photographer Matthew Kanzler and the eight-year-old concert photography prodigy Mabel from Music Felons were there to capture it all, with major highlights including Karen Elson stepping in to stun with numbers from her forthcoming LP Double Roses, Temples tapping into the DayGlo synth pop of their latest, Volcano, and the French singer-beatmaker Jain proving herself vital with her signature folktronic whomp. On Friday evening, Black Lips closed out the showcase with a set dominated by the manic energy that’s defined their legendary career to date. Oh, and everyone there was able to capture the moment on the Phoenix Forgotten photo booth.

Thanks to Original Penguin for presenting the fest, and thanks to everyone for coming out. Check out photos of each performance from both Kanzler and young Mabel below.


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