WATCH: Fan Your FOMO with Some Coachella 2017 Video Highlights

From Radiohead's unforeseen crowd-pleasing to "Kung Fu" Kenny's cinematic themes

Whether you’re still considering a last-minute Craigslist dive for a weekend two wristband, or you attended last weekend and just finished washing the sweat of a thousand strangers off, scouring the Internet for fan footage is like the fourth day of Coachella for music fans across the world. We’re here to make it easier for you:

Hans Zimmer with Tina Guo — “Pirates of the Caribbean”

While a classical composer isn’t exactly the heatseeker of any Coachella lineup, the grandiose production of Hans Zimmer’s post–Future Islands, pre-Justice set on Sunday was one of the unexpected festival focal points. Watch as he and his massive ensemble perform the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, with juggernaut guest cellist Tina Guo leaving blood on the stage. — Jamie Lawlor

Stormzy – “Big For Your Boots”

First time at Coachella, and Stormzy managed to bring grime and all its gritty London nightclub vibes to the sunny, palm tree–filled desert of Indio, California. With a considerable crowd despite his afternoon scheduling, the burgeoning emcee stirred up a mosh pit with his manic beats and frenzied lyricism. Coachella weekend two goers mustn’t sleep on this set. — Karen Garcia

The Avalanches — “Because I’m Me”

These folks must have a time machine backstage, because there’s no other way their music could throw us back to these kinds of funky rhythms. With sounds that feel like they’re taken straight from your grandpa’s record collection, The Avalanches did not disappoint during their first-ever U.S. show. — KG

Radiohead — “Creep”

Still no word yet on who the hell was running sound for Radiohead last Friday night, but there’s reason to believe it was the same guy who handed Warren Beatty this year’s Best Picture envelope. Despite being so fraught with technical difficulties that the entire sound system often cut out mid-song, Radiohead afforded their crowd the rare privilege of “Creep” toward the end of a surprisingly nostalgia-packed set. It’s a hit so overplayed and distant from their current sound that Thom Yorke seems to be singing each lyric with a tinge of sarcasm, though it’s a mood-lightening treat for all fans nonetheless. — JL

Thundercat with Michael McDonald — “Show You the Way”

Yeah yeah, so Hans Zimmer tapped Pharrell to liberate his set with a guest performance of “Freedom,” and Future managed to have Drake pop out for a minute or two, but if you were around for Thundercat’s afternoon slot, you know the real Coachella guest performance of 2017 was Michael McDonald himself, during Thundercat‘s Saturday set. The legendary Doobie McD hit the stage for he and Thundercat’s collaborative single “Show You the Way,” and even belted out the 1979 Doobie Brothers classic “What a Fool Believes.” — JL

[Lit little boy]

No one else enjoyed Migos’ guest appearance (one of four this weekend) quite like this young boy. Although it’s questionable that he’s allowed to sing along with “Bad and Boujee,” he is hitting the Milly Rock with scary precision—so kudos to his parents. — KG

Warpaint — “New Song”

“Nonstop” is the best way to describe this Los Angeles quartet after coming back on the scene in 2016 with their third album Heads Up. So it’s no surprise that Warpaint’s dream pop tunes refused to let the crowd stop dancing along under the violet glow of the Gobi stage lights, especially after they performed a brand new song (title not yet revealed). — KG

Lady Gaga — “The Cure”

Though 2016’s Joanne may not have had the expected impact, the seasoned superstar drew from a lifetime supply of smashes and kept the crowd close at Coachella this year. Moreover, skeptics of newer Gaga songs were forced to second-guess themselves with “The Cure,” a brand new, previously unheard single that set the icing on the most epic Beyoncé substitute set in history. — JL

Kendrick Lamar — “DNA”

Amidst the stampeding hype and fan analysis of his new album DAMN., no one predicted Kendrick Lamar‘s Coachella set would run with the new “Kung Fu Kenny” nickname to the point of opening and intercutting the set with a Hong Kong action parody film. Entering the stage in a black velvet Kung Fu uniform, he performed “DNA.” alongside the only possible counterpart to his dizzying energy: an actual katana-wielding ninja, who flailed in circles around him during the entire final verse. — JL


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