WATCH: Hanni El Khatib Creates Mini Thriller for “Moonlight” Video

Late-night curiosities of the upper-middle class

Released right on queue with this month’s full moon, Hanni El Khatib‘s video for “Moonlight” is eerie and disturbing, but it’s difficult to pinpoint the reason why. Could be the sporadic blips of an anonymous figure (probably Khatib himself) covering his garage in plastic (á la Dexter) and filling it with objects that could inflict harm on another? Nah, maybe not that. The creep-factor most likely stems from the video’s protagonist (definitely Khatib himself), who cruises around a painfully suburban town, running errands at nearly every massive chain retail store we’re familiar with. While he purchases dog food, grabs a late-night meal, fills up on gas, and does a handful of mundane tasks, he’s being watched (perhaps by our Anon-Garage guy?).

The video’s director, Daniel Pappas, revealed that the concept for the video came to fruition after he listened to “Moonlight.” To Pappas, the video touches on “the idea of reconciling with one’s demons.”

Moonlight is out January 20 via Innovative Leisure. You can pre-order it here.


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