PREMIERE: Golden Rules Get Giggly at “Auntie Pearl’s House” for Pickathon Slab Sessions

Eric Biddines controls his flow over Paul White's weirdo assemblage.

Paul White is a South London producer who’s worked with Charli XCX and Danny Brown, and Eric Biddines is a South Florida rapper who grew up with Motown. Naturally, when they joined forces as Golden Rules a couple of years ago, the music they created sounds like Ween circa Pure Guava—only with better raps.

At least, that’s the case with “Auntie Pearl’s House,” which the duo performed for an episode of Pickathon’s Slab Sessions, and which we’re premiering this morning. It’s a jaunty little meowler of a tune built from a wacky assemblage of programmed drums and dorm-room acoustic guitar playing. Biddines flirts with the beat, batting it around a little before slipping into a full-on rap, while White bops around behind him, swinging a bass and doing his best imitation of Deaner in the video for “Push th’ Little Daisies.” You can catch the premiere of the latest installment in the Oregon festival’s 2016–2017 season below.

“Auntie Pearl’s House” was produced by Half Stop Sessions. You can check out the rest of the Slab Sessions here, and learn more about Pickathon here.


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