Neil DeGrasse Tyson Takes to Twitter to Explain Why “Interstellar” Totally Nailed The Whole Science Thing

Like you needed any more reason to go see Matthew McConaughey in space.

As you already know, Christopher Nolan’s space-epic Interstellar came out last week, effectively taking over this world by telling a story about humans having to find another one. And as always, your friendly neighborhood astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is here to explain whether or not the space parts are bogus. Consensus? Not at all.

Just as he did after seeing Gravity, Tyson took to Twitter to lay down a few truths about how physics works for us plebs. He uses a lot of fancy “words,” but the basic idea is clear: the Nolan brothers (Chris and Jonathan) really knew what they were doing when they wrote this one.

Watch the trailer for Interstellar now, then check out Tyson’s insights below.

Interstellar is out in theaters now. See it in 70mm IMAX to forget you live on Earth for a while.

(via Death and Taxes).


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