Jonathan Nolan to Write and Produce Adaptation of “Foundation” for HBO

No fantastical world is safe from the Interstellar writer.

Fresh off the earth-crushing (and Neil deGrasse Tyson-approved) wave that is Interstellar, Jonathan Nolan is wasting no time getting very busy with a few high-profile HBO projects. Following the news that a pick-up of his Westworld pilot is all but imminent, next comes word that the Dark Knight writer will take charge of a long-form adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s essential Foundation series.

Covering the initial trilogy of Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation, Nolan is all set to write and produce the project, sparing us from the terrifying initial prospect that Roland Emmerich would get his grubby hands all over it. Do this right, Jonathan, and we’ll never refer to you as “Christopher Nolan’s brother” ever again.

(via Paste)


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