PREMIERE: Sweet Spirit Reach for “Salvation” in the New Season of Pickathon’s Slab Sessions

Kicking off the new batch of Happy Valley live performances with a bang.

Happy Valley, Oregon, is a peaceful place. Most of the year, it’s the wind blowing and birds chirping—and that’s about the extent of it. But when Pickathon rolls through, the environment changes, and it gets loud. By no surprise, this year’s installment of the fest was as booming as it gets, and Sweet Spirit were a chief reason for that.

The Austin hard rock group pulls no punches—neither in the studio nor on stage—and they brought that attitude to this inaugural episode of the 2017-18 season of Slab Sessions, filmed while the band was in the Happy Valley woods. If you count, there’s six people out there, all working to dial up the Mountain-meets-Thin Lizzy tune into something even more ritualistic than usual. 

As always, this episode of the Slab Sessions was produced by the excellent folks at Half Stop Sessions. And if you want to snag your spot early, Pickathon has an early-bird sale going down this Friday, October 27, for the upcoming 2018 fest—the festival’s twentieth year.


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