WATCH: My Brightest Diamond Shares New Video for “Lover Killer”

An exclusive video premiere with a deadly twist.

Under her performing name My Brightest Diamond, Shara Worden has shared a beautiful collection of songs spanning over four records. From her latest This Is My Hand, she brings new sonic textures to complement her captivating voice in a way that can only be described as “inspiring.” We’re excited to premiere the video for her track “Lover Killer,” which captures the atmosphere of the melody, bringing visual elements to a song that demands attention of all senses.

Director Jean-Paul Frenay explains, “I really fell in love with the hypnotic mood of the song and the very suggestive and abstract lyrics, which really inspired me visually. I wanted to approach this music video like a visual metaphor for the themes that the song awoke in me.”

“In a sense, I’m considering Lover Killer as an allegory of rebirth,” he continues. “Each one of us is facing different difficult choices throughout life. Sometimes the decisions we make are not even consciously taken. Sometimes this means to kill something you’ve loved: an idea, a thought or perhaps a friend. It’s the ineluctable rawness of life. I’m picturing those choices as little deaths, which lead to rebirth.

“This music video is a metaphor of the rupture between past and future, the idea of leaving something/some part of you behind to move forward, to be replaced by a new version of you. I wanted to come up with a strong visual identity, a subtle mix of surreal poetry and non-linear storytelling filled with symbolic and spirituality. It’s all about perception and feeling more than pragmatic understanding. ”

“Lover Killer” is off My Brightest Diamond’s This Is My Hand, available now via Asthmatic Kitty Records.


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