Uber and Spotify Team Up To Soundtrack Your Ride

The two app giants are coming together to combine their music streaming and ride-sharing services.

Uber and Spotify have joined forces to help make your drive time more convenient and hopefully more entertaining: the ride-sharing app and streaming music service collaboration will allow customers to choose the soundtrack for their ride, maybe making a car ride with a total stranger a lot less awkward. Or, hey, maybe more so, depending on your choice of music!

Users can now choose their own playlists to stream in their music-enabled ride by linking their Spotify account and their Uber profile, allowing anyone to wirelessly control what songs they can jam out to during their ride.

To celebrate the launch of this new service, Spotify and Uber are teaming up with artists like Andrew W.K., Diplo, Matt and Kim, and more to participate in exclusive “ride-alongs” and live sessions in 10 different launch cities on November 21. Check out the Spotify website for more details.


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