WATCH: Belle and Sebastian Hit the Dance Floor for “The Party Line” Video

"There is nobody here but your body, dear."

Ah, the game of romantic courtship. Is there nothing more intoxicating, infuriating, and confusing all at the same time?

Leave it to Belle and Sebastian to take all of your internal fears of overanalysis—and missed opportunities—and put them into one music video with an addictive disco beat. Watch the cinematic video (complete with Wizard of Oz-esque black-and-white to color transformation) for Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance‘s first single, “The Party Line,” below and try to see how this lovely lady’s night should have gone.

Warning: Parties, outfits, and dance skills in this video are superior to yours. It is a B&S video after all.

Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance is due out on January 20, 2015 via Matador.


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