WATCH: The “Jurassic World” Trailer Is Here And It Will Make You Nostalgic

The fourth movie in the saga arrives next June, which gives you seven months to rationalize why anyone would open that park again.

In the tradition of major motion picture franchises, fourth movies in the series have not been especially kind to the loyal popcorn-eating public. From Alien: Resurrection to Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (not to even mention The Phantom Menace… *shudder*), number four seems to frequently be where the wheels of the series fall off. And light on fire. And then explode.

Trying their best not to contribute another burning trash can fire of a sequel, the team behind Jurassic World probably had a better idea of what not to do than what to do in the fourteen years they had following Jurassic Park III’s arrival to a resounding “eh.”

That being said, they’ve already taken a step in the right direction by loading the first full-length trailer with semi-subtle framing and thematic references to its nostalgia-inducing predecessors. And like it did for the completely underrated Terminator: Salvation (did I stutter?), maybe that’s just the approach that the franchise needs to make it over the fourth-movie-hurdle.

In case you missed it, here’s Bryce Dallas Howard channeling her best Ellie-Sattler-in-a-crisis:

and Chris “Star Lord” Pratt doing this:


(via Pajiba)


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