The Fireworks of Life Is Beautiful

Arcade Fire, Florence + the Machine, Tyler, The Creator, and others (further) illuminated Sin City on the weekend of Vegas’ biggest music and arts festival.

Six years ago, a match was struck late September in the Mojave Desert, igniting a flame that continues to burn; Life Is Beautiful, an interactive music festival centered around art and expression, began its legacy and continues to spread its influence through culinary, visual, interactive, and musical art in glamorous Las Vegas. Over the course of three days, the festival provides a playground for attendees of all ages to unleash the excitement of their inner child.

Every moment at Life Is Beautiful is an opportunity to experience some of the best food and entertainment available—at least in the middle of the desert. Vegas is home to a slew of innovative and impressive chefs, and during the weekend the masses are able to access the popular eateries within walking distance to Death Cab and Tyler, the Creator.

Tyler, The Creator / photo by Andy Sawyer

Burning off the calories is easy when strolling through the streets of Downtown Vegas to witness visual and interactive art. Meow Wolf provided an immersive art exhibit, and just around the corner was the interactive “Fire Skee-Ball” where you could play and be rewarded with flames bursting into the sky.

New paths were also presented for the festival trailblazers this year, which not only allowed for smoother transitions and less congestion but more importantly provided additional areas for art. The alley featuring mural work from French artist André Saraiva paired with light display and ominous music was a prime example. Along with physical art, some of comedy’s powerhouses could be found at The Kicker, such as Michelle Wolf, Natasha Leggero, and Hannibal Buress—feisty and fiery performances that kept you laughing in an air-conditioned setting if you felt a need to escape from the Las Vegas heat.

Florence + the Machine / photo by Andy Sawyer

But of course, it’s still a music festival first and foremost. Each stage brought a different energy—performances ranged from the mellow, alternative groove of Blood Orange to the adrenaline-pumping Sofi Tukker—all “lit” by captivating light displays and pyrotechnics. And nothing in Vegas is low-key: Each night ended with a fireworks display.

If you have been contemplating the question of whether a festival in Las Vegas is right for you, maybe consider the real question: What’s there not to love about a place where creativity runs rampant, music burns you to the core, and everyone around is smiling ear to ear? FL


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