Conversations with five cultural influencers and corporate executives who'll be attending WORLDZ 2018.

We’re excited to partner with WORLDZ, a two-day global summit held in Los Angeles and designed to help bring together the minds of CEOs, CMOs, and other cultural icons in order to learn professional lessons from the very best. WORLDZ originated from CEO Roman Tsunder’s other project, an organization called PTTOW! (or “Plan to Take on the World!”).

We’ve put together an e-magazine that includes a special welcome from Tsunder himself, plus in-depth interviews with several leaders hand-picked to appear at this year’s event. The e-mag includes conversations with memBrain founder Ken Hertz, Magic Leap One CMO Brenda Freeman, Volcom CMO Ryan Immegart, Superfly cofounder Rich Goodstone, and National Geographic CMO Jill Cress.


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