WATCH: GZA, Ghostface, and RZA 9000 Eat Sliders and Consider the Meaning of Life, Too

Find out if Mars is a wack planet or not in episode two of the webseries Wu-Tang In Space Eating Impossible™ Sliders. 

If you’re wondering what Wu-Tang Clan’s been up to on the year of 36 Chambers’ twenty-fifth birthday, well, you haven’t been paying close enough attention. Besides the development of a Wu-scripted Hulu series, a slew of anniversary shows, and a ceaseless barrage of new music from its individual members, you can currently catch GZARZA and Ghostface in space eating Impossible Sliders.

In the freshly released second episode of the Sam Spiegel–directed web series, the duo trash-talk Mars with Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown and field questions from the earthlings (oh, uh, we should mention that that’s actually RZA 9000—a computer upon which the rapper has uploaded his consciousness—not RZA himself). Watch the clip below, and check out the previous episode on Impossible Sliders’ site.

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