PREMIERE: Overcoats Let Go of Love on “I Don’t Believe in Us” for Pickathon’s Slab Sessions

The duo leave a relationship behind with smiles and pep in a song from their debut LP YOUNG.

You might assume Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell of Overcoats are sisters, judging by their easy chemistry onstage—but they’re just good buds. The New York band’s name implies either a cozy comfort or a stalwart shelter against the wintery, sometimes painful world; and fittingly, the vulnerability of Overcoats’ oeuvre might necessitate such an emotional shield. The band are currently on a sold-out tour with Mitski, another pop-bleeding heart.

In this installment of Pickathon Slab Sessions, Overcoats perform a breezy version of “I Don’t Believe in Us,” a song about letting go of a relationship that’s no longer healthy, despite the love that remains. The pair harmonize their folk- and bluegrass-infused vocals and coordinate their dance moves, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes and grinning while drummer Joao Gonzalez keeps a bouncy beat.

As always, this episode of the Slab Sessions was produced by the excellent folks at Half Stop Sessions.


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